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Relatable, Affordable Pricing That Makes Business Sense for Your Practice

Value-Based Fees Set With Reasonable, Realistic Budget Constraints In Mind

In pricing my services, I consider and adjust recommended scope, pacing and expected duration of the proposed work to fit each project and veterinary practice. 

My goal is to offer projects and ongoing services at prices that fairly compensate me while generating an adequate return on an affordable investment by the practice. 

When appropriate, I apply the principles of value-based pricing to align my fees with the anticipated value of my work to the practice. I also consider two key industry metrics: 

  • For each fulltime-equivalent veterinarian on staff, the average veterinary practice generates gross revenues of $500,000 to $600,000 per year. 
  • Well-managed veterinary practices typically invest about 1% of gross revenues in marketing their services. 

These factors help me scale my proposed services and arrive at a project price or monthly fee that is reasonable and affordable to each practice.

I seldom bill by the hour, preferring instead to agree up front on a project price or a set monthly fee to cover ongoing services. My clients prefer this approach, too, as the best way to manage their marketing budgets.