Oldtown Veterinary Hospital

Oldtown Veterinary Hospital “Advanced Veterinary Care” brochure

Oldtown Veterinary Hospital

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

1994, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2006

  • Forsyth County Veterinary Medical Association Cooperative Program Participant 1996-1997
  • Letters to clients
  • Logo and pocket folder design
  • “Welcome to Oldtown Veterinary Hospital” booklet
  • “Senior Pet Health Screening Program” brochure
  • “Dental Services” brochure
  • Branded client education handouts
  • “Vaccine Schedule for Dogs” and “Vaccine Schedule for Cats” flyers
  • “Professional and Support Staff” flyer
  • Logo and pocket folder redesign
  • “Welcome” brochure
  • “Advanced Veterinary Care” brochure
  • “Health Care for Dogs” and “Health Care for Cats” manuals
  • Branding workshop and consulting on mission, vision and positioning

Don S. Robertson, DVM, founded Oldtown Veterinary Hospital as a small-animal practice in 1966. It has been my practice of choice for my dogs since 1991 and was my first veterinary hospital client.

The first project for Dr. Robertson was a letter to clients I wrote in 1994. Soon after, I designed a logo and wrote and designed an assortment of marketing and educational materials for the practice.

As the hospital expanded and introduced new associates, I wrote more client letters in 1997 and 1998 and created brochures to promote senior pet health screening and dental services. A year later, I revised the original logo and created new brochures, along with a matching pocket folder. In 2001, I wrote and designed dog and cat care manuals suitable for printing in-house.

In 2006, with the clinic under new ownership by former associate, Scott Schroeder, DVM, I offered an after-hours branding workshop for the clinic team with help from branding expert Carol M. Mabe. Based on the team’s input, Carol and I collaborated on a presentation in which we recommended mission, positioning and vision statements as well as a slogan to help define and differentiate the practice.

Oldtown Veterinary Hospital is now owned by National Veterinary Associates.

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